« Our company philosophy: an innate instinct for quality, style, the use of alternative fabrics with high added-value and distinction.»

Founded in the Sixties, ORI has over forty years of history and experience in the world of hosiery. A manufacturer of tights and stockings from the beginning, it is characterised by a strong focus on high quality production. Over the years it has expanded its brand throughout the world, strengthened its production activities, become completely vertical but has never lost its focus on quality. High technology machinery combines with extremely innovative high quality yarns, developed with leading yarns suppliers, whom we ask for special features in quality standards to comply with our own high quality.


The distinguishing element of ORI’s manufacture is the high incidence of craftsmanship in our product creation. Each pair of tights is controlled three times during the production cycle. The unique combinations of yarns developed by our Research & Development department create special feelings of comfort which give our products a distinctive connotation, in which Fashion and industry trends are closely followed to create the brand’s image.


ORI becomes the reference point for Italian style and quality in any market. We offer articles which, through their unique features, promote customer loyalty and beat the competition.

We constantly seek excellence in manufacturing. This is our heritage and our hallmark in a high quality context, always attentive to the cult of beauty and femininity.